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  Genesys pro At a Glance
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Craig Spencer () writes:
This keyboard offers the user endless possibilities with its array of features.

The sound editing capability on this keyboard is a never ending resource for sounds and sound creation and manipulation. You can load your own samples or get them from CDs or the Internet, thus increasing your sound library.

The 32 track sequencer is a very advance one. There are lots of editing capabilities. For example, copy paste, delete, erase quantize and so on. All of these can be done by measure or by notes using microscope editing.

It has around 57 editable effects but by today’s standard, it is lacking in that area. Also, the EQ possibilities are little to none.

It also has arranger capabilities and the best part is that you can create and save your own styles with 4 intros, endings and variations. You can assign different tracks to one of the 4 outputs thus giving more flexibility to mix in a studio or a live situation.

One thing that could come in handy is that if you are in to production, and if you are away from a computer, you can still do some production on the Genesys and have your project burned to a CD by way of the onboard sequencer, hard disk recorder and the CD burner. You can let your sequencer play, sing over the top of it and record it all in one take. That is one of the drawbacks. Your vocals and music are in one wave file and you have to do it all in one take.

It is a very easy and intuitive keyboard to use.

It is not the best keyboard out there, but it is a good keyboard to have for some one who is in the business of performance, production and sound editing and wants something that is good, easy to use and can be carried on gigs.

Comments About the Sounds:
fun to tweek

(Thanks to Craig Spencer for this info.)
and Put Gem Wk2000HD for the pic

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