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  Fizmo At a Glance
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G.R.C. ( writes:
I just pickedup the Fizmo for $899.99 Brand new! Its kind of a strange Synth and some people might not get it.I write ambient/trance musik and I thought it was really cool! It has tons of knobes to play with and tweak. Now I know the name "Fizmo" is kinda out there and the color is strange but don't let that fool you, Once you start to play it,it will freak you right the F... out! All the knobs transmit MIDI data.Its basically 4 synths in one,meaning you can have for different waves going simultaneously! Each preset can have 4 sounds or waves if you will,and 2 osillators each,its pretty WAK! if you ask me. And it also comes with a very cool vocoder. The Fizmo is really for creating sounds from scratch or take a factory preset and tweak the crap out of it until it becomes something of its own.The F/X on the Fizmo are very rich,and also transmit MIDI data. One of the coolist things are the 5 FIZMO knobs that beg you to tweak them they can create very unique F/X in real time.(By the way if your looking for pianos,drums,guitar,or old DX-7 sounds or you'er a Yanni want to be don't even bother taking a look at this synth! you'll just be wasting your time.So if your in to very Cosmic stuff and you need something different,the Fizmo will bring you to strange new worlds!!!!

Peace and tranquillity to you all. G.R.C.

Comments About the Sounds:
Way the F...! out there.

(Thanks to G.R.C. for this info.)

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