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  XL-7 At a Glance
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Mark Mitchell ( writes:
E-Mu seem to have really outdone themselves (and the competition) this time; this is only v1.00 software, and I haven't found anything wrong with it yet, much less anything that could be reasonably expected of this unit that it doesn't already do! They took all the good stuff from the Proteus 2000 line, fixed the failings of it (such as ability to create your own arps), put it in a M1A1 Abrams tank chassis, and added a 13-note, velocity and aftertouch-sensitive keypad, 16 assignable realtime control knobs, a MONSTER sequencer, and put it all together in an easy to understand, extremely well-thought out package, that will have even a novice user busting out beats in a very short time; the manual is well-written and thorough; I've been interested in getting a "groovebox" type device for a while, but every time I go to my local retailer and try to play with them, I get no love... I'm no idiot, but every single one I've tried, from Roland, to Boss, to Yamaha, to Korg, I just can't get any joy going in under 10 min.... until I tried this one! Great product, and worth every penny.

Comments About the Sounds:
all presets geared toward techno/electronica; not super-crispy 24-bit, but very good and very malleable

(Thanks to Mark Mitchell for this info.)

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