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Christopher Jones writes:
Some features: - The 64 digital 6-pole filters (over 20 different types: low, band, high pass, notch, EQ, vocal, flange, phaser, and multi) are very cool. - built in 48 track sequener (I don't use it, but it's there.) - 24-bit dual stereo effects processing (four sub mixes per effect) - Keyboard type accepts PC-AT style ASCII keyboard

The E-Synth is just like the E4K (E4X) but it comes with the E-Sythn module standard. Which I'm not exactly sure if the sounds are worth the extra money. But is nice to have the sounds built in, and not have to load them up every time.

Comments About the Sounds:
All E-IV,E-64,EIII,EIIIX,ESI-32,Emax II,Akai S1000/S1100,Roland S-760 samples can be loaded.

(Thanks to Christopher Jones for this info.)
and for the pic

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