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Scott Adair writes:
This review is to help you understand the primary difference between an Ultra and Classic 6400. The classic CANNOT have an ide hard drive. The Ultra has a faster processor and does sample editing much quicker and a feature called Beat Munging that speeds up loop based production is not available on this model. But primarily this synth is a great deal if you willing to deal with those limitations. With upgrades, this can be brought up to full e4xt status, but 64 note polyphony and 128 megs of RAM should suffice for most styles of music. I can only see a film composer needing more.

The sound of an e4 series is familiar if you have heard Danny Elfman or the Chemical Brothers. Both used e4xt and e64 respectively. The e6400 benefits from SIMM style memory and a built in external scsi connection, for things like a zip drive. The OS is flash rom-based and no startup disk is needed. You can update the OS using a floppy, and emu SELLS the current OS for about $90 USD. E4 series upgrades are available for this unit, but the better ones like the CPU Memory upgrade, are getting harder to come by. If you do your editing on a computer and transfer the wav files to zip or over SCSI to the e6400 you will really enjoy this sampler.

The e6400 classic still has the Z-plane filters, and stil uses the modulation matrix that emu calls Cords. You can assign just about any modulation to another source, and by using a control surface perform live with those beefy warm filters like on Dig Your Own Hole.

A lot of gear from the early to mid nineties is extremely outdated, and some of them are still very useful. The e6400 falls into the later category, its tough to get a sampler with as big a screen and as many synth-like features for the price these sell for used.

Comments About the Sounds:
Amazing selection of filters, very analog sounding digital... same as the ones in e4, e4xt and e64... likely the same as in Ultra series...

(Thanks to Scott Adair for this info.)
and Pedro H for the pic

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