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  X-50 At a Glance
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javex writes:
The X-50 was the first in a series of Hammond B3 emulators from the 80's. This includes: Korg's Cx-3, Roland's Vk series, and Yamaha's SK series. Elka was mainly established as an Italian organ manufacturer but is most widely remebered for the ELKA SYNTHEX analogue synth.The X-50 is a fully analogue keyboard with split-down circuitry aimed at faithfully reproducing the classic sound of the Hammond B3. It features: 5 octave keyboard, 9 drawbars :16í, 5 1/3í, 8í, 2í, 2 2/3í, 2, 1 3/5, 1 1/3, 1. Preset drawbars Vox I, II III, Bright and Jazz. Percussion sounds: 5/13 4 2 2/3, Percussion volume, Percussion decay, Key click volume, Rotary speaker effect, Overdrive tube effect, Tone controls for bass and treble, +/- 50 cents tuning.

Comments About the Sounds:
Much dirtier sounding than both the CX-3 and the VK-1 (not VK-1000). Very crunchy and rough. Great percs!

(Thanks to javex for this info.)
and Marco for the pic

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