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  Planet Phatt At a Glance
Click for larger view arrowReleased: 1997  Specifications
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Dr.Germ writes:
If you want to make the best trip hop, rap, weird house, compton gangsta SH*T then you need to bust out your checkbook and spend all your money and possible mortgage your house just to get one of these. They are soooo cool and powerfull!! These will last you until the end of time and NEVER go out of style. The samples rock, the filters rock, the lfo rocks, the purple cover ROCKS and the large display. If I were you , i would never buy an 808,909,303,606,626,505,101,202,404,707or727 becausethis baby does them all! Every single key you can imagine and then some. Boob Moog i heard was responsible for over half of this powerful beasts programming. The samples are great and will NEVER go out of style. This is for all types of styles and you would be an IDIOOOOOT not to get one!!! If you don't YOU will regret it!! Sell your MiniMoog if you have too, or your OB8 or octave cat or WASP or Kitten or ELKA synthx or Nord Lead or JP-800 or sh101 or dx7 or Teknos, or for sure sell ! your voyetra cause this beast of a machine will ALSO do those. GET ONE OF THESE PLANET PHATTS NOW!!!!! You'll love all your productions if you at least use this in EVERY song !!! Get one today!!!

Comments About the Sounds:
The Sounds are priceless and everyone needs to get one.

(Thanks to Dr.Germ for this info.)

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