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  MT-40 At a Glance
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Davis Burns ( writes:
I don't know much about polyphony and oscillators when it comes to cheap 80's keyboards, but let me tell you brotha', if you have a dollar or two left in your back pocket, this is definatly the thing to get. There's a bass-button section and there is a three octave miniature keyboard. There is Vibrato and Sustain (!!!) and there are 4 drum and bass patterns. WOW!!! FOUR! A speed knob for the rythym. 22 sounds. All fake 80's-ish. THIS IS NO TOY! This MT-40 can pump out some mean grooves! I've been an avid MT-40 player for two months and I would trade in my MINI-MOOG anyday just for a matching pair of these!

Comments About the Sounds:
Very 80's, unrealistic, digital, cold, all in all...GREAT! There are 22 sounds and they are all basicaly sound dry and unrealistic. Kind of like an old computer/arcade game from the early 90's.Pipe Organ is good, and the synth fuzz is ok, and the flute sounds almost like a flute...but other than that there are very few good sounds. Brass and Strings are really bad. Some of the sounds are really harsh too, and the only ones that aren't are like the flute.

(Thanks to Davis Burns for this info.)
and Jeff Sepeta for the pic

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