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Mickey -Dookie- Warren writes:
When I first came in contact with this splendid piece of equipment, I could hardly believe my own eyes! After fooling around with it's most basic functions for a while, I moved on to the more sophisticated features such as:

* Virtual Randomised Numeric Playback

* Graphic Inversion (Optional)

* Feel-Proof After Touch

* Pressure Optimisation (upto 8 bars)

* Perpetual Sequence Calculation

It's slim design and it's user friendly sequencer creates an atmosphere of "what-you-see-is-what-you-get", and the visual concept that allows you to reach all function from the main window, makes it stand up to the most endorsed vintage synthesizers around. The editor part is not one of the more astounding ones i've seen, though it is functional to a certain extent. Note that is has no MIDI-upgrade possibilities whatsoever (this was pre-MIDI, remember?). There have been troubles, such as information loss, with the sub-surface feature, which makes it a little hazardous.

Overall it's apretty damn good machine!

Comments About the Sounds:
when used in "sub-surface" environments it's effects/strange noise capasities are boosted in an awesome way. Highly comparable to the most endorsed early digital synths.

(Thanks to Mickey -Dookie- Warren for this info.)

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