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  CTK-711ex At a Glance
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Everett Smith ( writes:
This the first Casio I have bought in 10 years ! Things have changed drastically ! I was going to get a Yamaha Portatone, to help a friend on a project. The store was sold out and the wait for new ones were too long for me, so , I played around with the 711. I was struck by the Piano sound alone, so I got it. Little did I know that I was in for a shock. The sounds in here are very good. That backlit screen is a dream ! I like knowing where my hands are on the keyboard. It even tells you the notes you are playing ! It's no analog synth , but editing is a breeze. You can make beautiful pads with this. The Auto Bass Chords are programmable, yo can even program your own ! It also has a 6 track sequencer, with quantization. For fun, I programmed some sounds , reprogrammed one of the auto bass chords, linked it up to Rebirth 2.0 on my Mac , and came up with a cool drum and bass/house type of thing. So you could use this board in any type of music ! All for under $400 ( I paid $329 for mine new ). If you like the 611, you will love this one !!

Comments About the Sounds:
Even the GM sounds are nice with the DSP

(Thanks to Everett Smith for this info.)

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