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  AX60 Synthesizer At a Glance
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Charles writes:

Dave Cuddihy ( : Basic Juno-106 style synth: 6 voice DCO(Square,Ramp,Triangle,Ramp+Triangle)+Noise PWM, EG->DCO. Filter: Cutoff, Resonance, Key-Follow->Cutoff, LFO->Cutoff EG->VCA or VCF but not both(weird, huh?), Polarity. Arpegiator: Up, Down, Up/Down, Hold. Unison mode: Each key triggers all 6 voices simultaneously. (This can be pretty fat, but often too much of a flangey, chorusy sound for my liking) Chorus: 1, 2, or off(I hate the chorus on this!) -- Though it's got its problems, I'm always able to find new sounds on this guy. Good for bassy analog percussion, IMHO.

Comments About the Sounds:
This keyboard can create some fascinating sounds that I have not heard on anything else. I know it isn't as fat sounding as some of the other vintage analogs, but it can do things they can't (such as do reasonable DX7 bell sound-alikes). It's ability to do realistic brass sound is vastly underated, and it can do a hot lead patch!

(Thanks to Charles for this info.)
and Wind for the pic

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Akai AX60 page at Your vintage Synth resource,technical and historical info about the AkaiAX60.
AX-60 in action I use the AX-60 in live performance. It's better in many ways than the Juno 106 that I use too. Spli keyboard + arpeggiator is A1. Strings inferior to 106. Well-built piece of kit with a full analogue sound + autotune. Brilliant
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Redmond Cable Corp. Source for 13-pin cable to run S612 and S900 samplers through AX60 synth.
Rogue Music Source for AX-60 and many other manuals. Click on "contact us", send your request and they usually notify rifgt away if they have it.

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