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Clem Yonkers writes:
Well, what can I say, it's a 12bit sampler. Sounded faily good in it's day. But it's day is long gone. I still use it in my guitar synth setup fed through a VX90. Using S-700 primarily for the attack, and the VX90 for the sustain when writing patches.

Pro: Easy to create samples despite small (16 character) LCD screen. Proprietary 13pin DIN "Voice Out" jack allows connection to VX90, AX60 and AX73 synths. Also can be used as 6 individule 1/4" outputs with VW-X6 DIN/Phone converter cable. Trigger input allows sampler to be triggered from a drum pad

Con: Uses 2.8" quick disks for storage, almost impossible to find, and expensive also. Has an odd quirk when using ASK-70 memory expansion. Sample no. 10 has to trimmed to 30,000 samples or less, otherwise it makes a strange digital screech. Akai tech support said this is "normal". No SCSI, MIDI sample dump or other means of storage.

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to Clem Yonkers for this info.)

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