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In-depth Feature:  Sherman Filterbank 2
In The War Against Boredom, The Sherman Filterbank 2 Is Truly A Weapon.
Steve Evans writes: .

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Overview Cntd
The input signal can be seriously disfigured simply by driving the gain, but there is also a three position switch that gives a "HI CUT" or "HI BOOST" for extra control. Input sensitivity can be limited to control rampant peaks or expanded to accommodate strings for example. A pitch tracker which tunes filter 2 to the incoming pitch and makes filter 1 its slave can, in conjunction with the "+OCTAVE" and "+QUINT" switch, create very solid bass tones from the weediest of monosynth sounds.

The "PAR / SER" knob lets you run the two filters in series or in parallel OR anywhere in between. This arrangement is incredibly flexible, but that doesn't even take into account the cross modulation options provided - as well as audio, the Sherman can also be fed with CV/GATE signals which will control the filters, the ADSR envelope, the FM and AM. A foot-pedal can also control the frequency of filter1, which would be dead handy live.

The "BYP / EFF" control lets you choose the balance between you original and your filtered sound at the output.

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