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In-depth Feature:  Sherman Filterbank 2
In The War Against Boredom, The Sherman Filterbank 2 Is Truly A Weapon.
Steve Evans writes: .

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The Sherman will just about fit into a 3U rack space but looks very at home sat on a tabletop with its industrial looking angled control surface offering you 24 knobs and six switches. The knobs are colour coded according to function so it's easy to pile in and tweak straight away.

Within the Sherman is a preamp, two syncable 12dB filters, two envelope generators, two VCAs, and a flexible LFO that can be re-triggered internally or via MIDI as well as running free.

The two filters are very similar and can work independently or be synchronised and set to differing harmonic intervals with a notched selector. Given their high, low and band pass capabilities it is possible to create a 24dB filter that can introduce harmonics several octaves lower than your original sound. It is easy to generate frequencies as low as 1 Hz that WILL destroy your monitors.

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