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In-depth Feature:  Sherman Filterbank 2
In The War Against Boredom, The Sherman Filterbank 2 Is Truly A Weapon.
Steve Evans writes: .

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Most of the Filterbanks business can be controlled over MIDI. You cannot transmit knob movements however, but you could if you had a separate controller like the Gmedia Phat Boy or the Kenton Control Freak. The main MIDI messages ie: pitch wheel, mod wheel, channel pressure etc control the Filterbanks main functions, and deeper functions like the attack and release times of the envelopes, and triggering functions are accessed with either certain MIDI notes or definable controllers.

Being able to make the envelope times a bit snappier is very useful for making faster rhythmic effects. Their default attack value is 63, which is actually quite leisurely compared with the instantaneous setting of 127. It would be better if these parameters could be accessed from the front panel.

Audio trigger can be disabled and replaced with MIDI trigger by sending MIDI notes. The Filterbank will also convert any incoming CV/gate into MIDI notes.

I think the MIDI spec is a bit half done. Effectively most functions can be automated but half them are hidden away. I look forward to the Filterbank that transmits everything over MIDI and has a patch memory.

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