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In-depth Feature:  Sherman Filterbank 2
In The War Against Boredom, The Sherman Filterbank 2 Is Truly A Weapon.
Steve Evans writes: .

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Sonic State Rating:
Ease of Use 75% .
Sonic Sweetness 85% .
Tweakability 90% .
Knobs for the Job 90% .
Bang for the Buck 80% .
Sixth Sense 95% Sheer creative value.
Overall:   86% Sonic State Editors Choice

The Sherman has to be one of the most complex, flexible and great sounding stand-alone filters on the market. Every studio needs something to create a bit of mayhem, chaos and distortion and I highly recommend the Filterbank. And yes, it is built like a tank. If people don’t enjoy your music you can beat them into submission with a Filterbank and use it happily the next night.

My only criticisms are the lack of bypass on each module, and a half done MIDI spec, but these are far outweighed by how useful and fun the Sherman is. Not only can it revive sounds that are dead on arrival, it can also do a mean impersonation of a diesel engine!

List Price: $699.00

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