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In-depth Feature:  Sherman Filterbank 2
In The War Against Boredom, The Sherman Filterbank 2 Is Truly A Weapon.
Steve Evans writes: .

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Use and Abuse
The power of the Filterbank 2 comes from its modular nature. The theory is straight-forward and the manual attempts to explain what's going on, but you have to get in there and experiment to realise the Shermans' potential. The inter-relatedness of the filters, envelopes, triggers, external stuff and even phase control means that you are often surprised by what you hear, and that can completely change with one very small move of one knob (I wish that the Sherman had provided a bypass control of each element of the Filterbank - that would make it easier to get your head round to start with).

Playing with the Filterbank is like playing with an old analogue synth tha’ts been souped-up for extra crispness. Filter 1 is not quite as warm as the filter on my old MS10 or Juno, but there's not much in it, and the Sherman can truly scream.

Because of its analogue nature you never get exactly the same thing twice and some of the more chaotic noises have a truly organic quality. I would describe the Sherman as sounding fresh and exiting whereas digitally modelled distortion can sound a little dull - like it doesn't really mean it!

When mixed alongside original signal the Sherman will give new character to any sound. I have used it subtly, to extend the bottom end of a drum kit submix to give depth and also used it to utterly destroy a flaccid drum loop .(example!) and make something that sounds like several JCBs having a dance off against several steamrollers, recorded on the worst known mike and played back over a Turbosound PA. Running a soft pad or guitar) and using a drum machine to trigger the ADSR envelope will introduce rhythmic and tonal information as subtly as you like.(example!) Pretty much anything makes good Sherman fodder.

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