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In-depth Feature:  Propellerheads Reason 2.5
Bruno writes: .

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BV512 Vocoder

Up to 512 bands of vocdoder
The other major addition to Reason is the BV512 Vocoder, some might say an essential part of any studio, personally I feel they have been overused and are becoming cliché, but that’s just my opinion.

Still if you’re going to make something, do it well, and Propellerhead have.

For those unfamiliar with vocoders, the principal is that you take an audio signal, the carrier, and apply the frequency and envelope of another signal, the modulator, to it. Very useful for making tonal drum grooves or synth vocals!

The quality of effect is dependent upon how many bands the carrier is split into, the BV512 is adjustable from 4 bands to an extremely smooth 512 bands, and you can achieve very smooth vocal sounds or some great lo-fi effects. The display however shows a maximum of 16 bands, so at 32 or 512 band settings although more detailed and better sounding, you can’t adjust all frequencies.

One of the great things about the BV512 is that on the rear is a 16 band patchbay, so you can alter the way the modulator effects your signal by cross patching the output of one frequency to the input of another. You also have a shift function on the front panel which shifts bands up or down, automating this can create some great phaser style effects.

The BV512 has a basic envelope, which can be used to control the attack and decay of your vocoded signal, and also features a hold button, for grabbing the frequencies of the modulator and sustaining them.

A final option is to switch into EQ mode, this ignores the modulator input and acts as a basic graphic equalizer, again adjustable between 4 and 512 bands, this is more of an effect than an EQ tool, but can be quite radical.

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