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In-depth Feature:  Propellerheads Reason 2.5
Bruno writes: .

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RV7000 Advanced Reverb

The new RV 7000 Rear (top) and Front (bottom) views

The inclusion of a new reverb unit is a wise move by Propellerheads, the old RV-7, whilst all right for adding a bit of verb to a snare or sample was infuriatingly basic when a space for keys, guitar or vocal was needed.

The RV7000 is presented in the same way as the NN-XT Sampler, with a full rack top panel for making basic settings and loading patches, then a fold down programmer allowing access to all parameters. There are three pages to the programmer, reverb, EQ and gate. A choice of nine reverb algorithms offers everything from small space to arena, plate or spring, single or multi tap echo and reverse. Each algorithm then has its own set of parameters, including pre-delay and in the case of the echo settings, tempo sync.

The inclusion of EQ and gate enable further control over your spaces, the EQ features a low shelf and one parametric band, both allowing cut or boost. The gate is well featured and can be triggered either by audio or by an incoming midi or CV signal.

In use the RV7000 makes a lot of difference to the Reason package, songs can now have more depth and character, and the variety of options available allow for more complex mixing than before. As you would imagine this module is a little processor hungry, so its probably best used on an aux send rather than individually plugged to a sound module.

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