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In-depth Feature:  Propellerheads Reason 2.5
Bruno writes: .

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Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit

Everybody screeeam! Scream 4 back and front
No track is complete without an element of distortion, be it a subtle growl on a bass part or ferocious drive on drums, a touch of dirt can bring untold life to an otherwise flat sounding mix.

Up until now, we have only had the D-11 foldback distortion module available for crunching up sounds, a poor option indeed when you consider Logic Audios plethora of built in audio manglers. But all that has now changed, the Scream 4 module is almost like having 50 distortion plug-ins to choose from!

Offering 10 different varieties of destruction from overdrive to fuzz, tube drive to tape saturation and even digital and scream settings, this should do the trick on everything. Once you have selected your flavour, two knobs adjust hardwired parameters, these are designed to get the most from the particular type of distortion and generally allow control of tone and character of effect. An overall damage control works as an input drive.

Next in line is a 3 band EQ with up to 18db of cut or boost at preset frequencies, it would be good is this was more adjustable, but when used to cut frequencies it is most effective.

Finally the Body section offers 5 variable filter effects such as resonant boost, wah and even cabinet simulation. This section requires a bit of trial and error, but can add a great deal of depth to your sound.

In use the Scream 4 is what we have been waiting for, very quick and easy to setup, with an endless range of characters available. The tape saturation is especially useful and can really bring life to even the most pleasant of drum sounds.

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