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In-depth Feature:  Propellerheads Reason 2.5
Have the Props given us everything we'd hoped for?
Bruno writes: .

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It would be impossible to deny the impact that Reason has made since its launch back in 2000. The release of version 2.0, with its full screen sequencer and the excellent NN-XT Sampler cemented Reasons position as a viable alternative to the leading sequencer packages.

Now we have version 2.5, essentially an upgrade to version 2.0 with the inclusion of new effects and routing modules, but packaged as a new full release. Is this the ultimate software studio, or just another step in the right direction?

Version 2.5 is much the same as version 2.0, the sequencer, arrange page, preferences and commands all stay the same, as do Audio and Midi functions. The differences lie in the rack, 6 new modules and an upgrade to the 14:2 mixer have all been added.

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