Acoustic Pickup Enhancement In A Stompbox

TX Electronic BodyRez offers acoustic guitar tone when using under-saddle pickups   08-Jul-15

TC Electronic has announced BodyRez, an acoustic pickup enhancer for acoustic guitars with under-saddle pickups. This is what they have to say about it...

A common problem for acoustic guitarists is that once they plug their acoustic instruments into a PA, their beautiful and natural acoustic tone is suddenly turned into a super sensitive and flat-sounding, quacky mess. BodyRez is designed to fix that problem.

Through a vast amount of pre-configured filters and the use of subtle compression, BodyRez restores the natural tone and feel of acoustic instruments with just a turn of a single knob. Now acoustic players around the world can finally feel that they're playing their own guitar on stage and not some poor amplified imitation.

In addition, BodyRez has a built-in phase-reversal feature which helps destroy low-end feedback and a mute function for noiseless removal of cables when switching guitars on stage.

All of these great features have been distilled into an ultra-compact and easy to use true-bypass stompbox that'll fit into any rig. Getting studio-quality acoustic tones has never been easier!


  • Studio-quality acoustic guitar tone
  • Built-in feedback suppression
  • Restores natural playing feel
  • Mute function
  • Ultra-compact design
  • True Bypass
  • 9V region-specific power supply included

Pricing and Availability:
Available: September 29th
Price: $99.99 US Estimated Price / £70 UK SSP / 99 € EUR SSP

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