TC Flashback Triple Delay In Action

Three delays at once put to good use in three new TC Electronic videos   25-Feb-15

TC Electronic has posted three new videos. Here's they are with TCs description...

Flashback Triple Delay Demo by Mike Hermans (above)
Mike Hermans taps into the massive creative potential of the Flashback Triple Delay in this inspiring video dedicated to the huge amount of sonic combinations available within this dream delay. This demo is all play and no talk, so get ready to enter a completely new delay dimension!

Using Delay Like The Edge

Admit it! You've been there... we all have! Wanting to get those iconic rhytmic delay lines made famous by The Edge of U2. And no wonder, because it sounds no less than amazing. In this video, Russel Gray shows you how to get these legendary tones via the Flashback Triple Delay's plethora of subdivisions and pristine delay sounds.

The Echoes of Rock
In this video Russel Gray displays the Flashback Triple Delay's vintage echo potential by dialing in the delay tones of legends like Andy Summers, Eddie Van Halen and Eric Johnson.

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