Gear of the Year RESULTS: Best Amplifier of 2013 Revealed

The results are in, and we can reveal the top five amps of 2013   03-Dec-13

2. 65 Amps Producer 6L

We're getting close to the top spot now, and in at number two is the 65 Amps Producer 6L. What a beauty it is.

It's a 28-watt twin channel amplifier, with a surprisingly chiming clean sound even at high volume levels, and a classic rock and roll overdrive sound.

Dan Boul and co have long been producing beautiful amplifiers in California, but the guys announced to SonicState earlier this year that they had moved to a bigger premises and would upping their production, also bringing down costs (always good news).

Everyone involved with 65 Amps has an infectious love and obsession with getting the exact tone in their heads when they set out to build an amplifier, and we're big fans of the accuracy and attention to detail when it comes to nailing old school sounds.

There are few amps in the world that cut through a mix like 65 Amps do, so we tip our hats to everyone involved.

At around $3500, the 65 Amps Producer 6L isn't cheap, but as far as boutique American amplifiers go, it's pound-for-pound one of the best on the market... and the best thing? It's got a little bit of British heart to it.

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