TWO New MXR Pedals: La Machine '70s Fuzz and Micro Amp+

The MXR Custom Shop have worked their magic again   28-Oct-13

TWO New MXR Pedals: La Machine '70s Fuzz and Micro Amp+

MXR have released two new effects pedals, a fuzz pedal with classic '70s tones called La Machine, and a Custom Shop version of the Micro Amp, the Micro Amp+.

Both pedals weigh in at reasonable prices, and as we saw last month in the exclusive Andertons demo, the La Machine can kick out brutally thick fuzz tones but also has a few more strings to its bow.

MXR has now sent out official confirmation that there will not just one new pedal, but TWO. La Machine is joined by the Micro Amp+.

Full details on each pedal below:


La Machine serves up two different flavours of classic '70s fuzz. The pedal is based on a vintage circuit favoured by guitarists from numerous genres, from blues rock to psychedelic funk- and as can be seen, psychedelia has also had an influence on the colour scheme!

The Octave switch toggles between a thick shaggy fuzz and a searing octave up fuzz, and the Output, Tone, and Distortion controls allow you to shape the sound of your fuzz just how you like it.

As you would expect from MXR the pedal is true bypass and built to the bulletproof spec of all the other MXR pedals.

Available: Now shipping

RRP: £139



The MXR custom shop has combined the Micro Amp's famed boosting and tone-sweetening capabilities with a specially tuned EQ section and low noise op-amp to create the Micro Amp+.

With it's Gain knob, the Micro Amp+ allows you to dial up just as much gain as the original- up to 26dB- but with added EQ controls, you can now finely sculpt your boosted signal. The Micro Amp+ also features true bypass.

Available: Early November

RRP £119


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