Revealed: The 5 Best Distortion Effects Pedals Of All Time

You voted for your favourites, and here are the results   24-Mar-13


1. Wampler Triple Wreck

Well if you're looking for distortion, then the Triple Wreck really does offer you a serious amount of gain. It can go right up to full-on scooped high gain tones, with rib-breaking bottom end and a real growl in the mid range.

But it can also do vintage distortion tones, the type of sounds used by the likes of Brian May, Jimmy Page and Gary Moore. It's billed as being a pedal that offers a serious amount of gain, but it's also a pedal that offers a serious range of gain tones.

Modern vibes, vintage vibes, bluesy crunch. It packs it all in. A boost stomp with a mid-range control allows you to have a decibel boost for solos too - it's a serious all rounder.

So congratulations to the guys at Wampler, particularly Brian, who has managed to build a full range of incredible sounding distortion pedals, two of which made it into the top five.

They may not have been around as long as some of their competitors, but it's clear that Wampler are becoming leaders in the effects pedal market, and your votes prove it.

We recently reviewed the Wampler Triple Wreck, watch it here.

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