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Superbooth 2018: ALM - Squid Salmple and Pamela's Discotheque

An 8 track sampler with a fast workflow
Superbooth 2018: Dasz Alex Updates Stand Alone Production System

Expandable modular production system
Superbooth 2018: Sound Machines Arches Demo

Davide Macini takes us through the Arches touch controller
Superbooth 2018: Elektrofon Klang - Beautiful Chord Module

Only a Scandinavian could make something this beautiful
Superbooth 2018: Instruo Cs-L Complex Oscillator - Sounds Massive

A complex oscillator which lets you decide who is the carrier and who is the modulator
Superbooth 2018: Gibbon Digital Alak

A little pattern generator for your modular
Superbooth 2018: Abstract Data Shaping VCO

Justin gives us the run down of his new Shaping VCO and other new bits
Superbooth 2018: Steady State Fate - New Stereo Modules

Autodyne, Ultra-Heterodyne and Stereo Dipole
Superbooth 2018: Industrial Music Electronics - Piston Honda MK3

Scott summons a preacher from hell with the use of his new oscillator
Superbooth 2018: ACL - Multi Function Discrete VCO

A high end large sounding oscillator
Superbooth 2018: Hex Inverter Mutant Brain - Configurable MIDI to CV

Adam takes us through the new module
Superbooth 2018: Super-fast Tour With Gaz

A rapid walkthrough of the show
Superbooth 2018: NiiO Analog Iotine Core Filterbank and Processor

Superbooth 2018: Novation Updates for Circuit and Monostation

Calc lets Gaz know about them
Superbooth 2018: Expert Sleepers FH-2 - Multi Functional MIDI to CV and More

3 years of customer feedback rolled up into a new module
Superbooth 2018: Din Sync Gibert - A Frankensynth Of Roland Flavours

The CEM Wars have begun and Din Sync have chosen their side...
Superbooth 2018: Synthstrom Deluge May Blow Your Mind

The Do-it-all portable workstation has more updates
Superbooth 2018: Birdkids Crow Intelligence

A generative hardware interface for your modular
Superbooth 2018: Humble Audio Quad Operator - Open Ended FM Synth Matrix

An FM synth with a matrix as opposed to a set number of algorithms
Superbooth 2018: Elektron Updates

Digitakt and Overbridge
Superbooth 2018: Percussa SSP - A Shed Load of DSP For Your Rack

A massive eurorack module with a load of power behind it...
Superbooth 2018: Intellijel New 1u Module Prototypes and Updates to Planar 2

Danjel takes us through the new bits
Superbooth 2018: TC Electronic June 60 Stereo Chorus

From the Juno 60
Superbooth 2018: Make Noise Morphagene Firmware Update

Adds a whole bunch of user definable options
Superbooth 2018: Modor Comb Filter Eurorack Prototype

The comb filter section from the popular Modor NF-1
Superbooth 2018: Retrokits RK005 USB Host and Client

Standalone USB host hub
Superbooth 2018: Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Primary Oscillator

New single oscillator pulled from the core of the Microvolt
Superbooth 2018: Propellerheads 10.1 Update First Look

More Synthesis for Europa and Players
Superbooth 2018: Analogue Solutions New Sequencer Prototype

And the Treadstone mini synth
Superbooth 2018: New Roland System 500 Modules

Superbooth 2018: About That Korg Prologue Dev Board

Create oscillators and effects
Superbooth 2018: Five12 Numerology Sequencer As Eurorack

Deep and poweful
Superbooth 2018: Syntonovo PAN Synth and XYZ Keybed

From the makers of the Fenix and Sysrinx
Superbooth 2018: Moffenzeef Modular Stargazer

Drone Synth designed to annoy mothers
Superbooth 2018: Casper Electronics Feedback Mixer Prototype

Peter takes his feedback mixing concept to the modular market
Superbooth 2018: XAOC Devices Odessa and Zadar

Additive oscillator and quad env generator
Superbooth 2018: Bastl Instruments - Great Poly Patch Demo

New MIDI to CV gives you everything you need to keep your oscillators in tune!
Superbooth 2018: BLCK NOIR - New Drum Synth! first foray into the world of discrete analogue drum machines
Superbooth 2018: 4ms SWN - More Sounds!

Hugo takes us through more of the sounds of the SWN
Superbooth 2018: ALM - Sampler, DCO and Multi-function Envelope

The ALM line gets larger and wider with these additions
Superbooth 2018: Behringer Drop The Odyssey Clone

And here's another one..
Superbooth 2018: Omnisphere Gets Hardware Synth Integration

Spectrasonics 2.5 update transforms hardware synths into extensive hands-on controllers
Superbooth 2018: Behringer Pro One

Oh yeah, that too
Superbooth 2018: New Bastl Eurorack Modules

Timber dual waveshaper and the 1983 MIDI to CV interface
Superbooth 2018: Soma Labs Pipe - Yes Its Bonkers

Vocal processor / Instrument
Superbooth 2018: Dreadbox Erebus MK3 - Here It Is

3 VCOs larger patchbay and more
Superbooth 2018: Erica Synths Techno Drum System

Pounding techno system, 909s for all!
Superbooth 2018: Behringer Have an 808 And Its Analogue

RD-808 And its big too
Superbooth 2018: U-He Civilization First Eurorack Module

4x4 clever routing and processing module
Superbooth 2018: Pittsburgh Modular Sequence Designer

Pittsburgh shows off their new hands on sequencer
Superbooth 2018: Prophet X First Look

We take a look At the new X
Superbooth 2018: Polyend & Dreadbox Medusa

More synth and sequencer than you can imagine...
Superbooth 2018: AJH Synth - Wave Swarm & V-Shape

Two new wave shaping modules from the english synth builder.
Superbooth 2018: IK Uno Synth First Look

First hardware synth from IK
Superbooth 2018: IK Multimedia Analogue Synth? Yes UNO Synth

New hardware 2 osc synth announced
Superbooth 2018: Syntonovo Is Nearly Ready - Here's What We Last Saw

Syrinx derived synthesizer with new keybed technology
Superbooth 2018: BLCK_Noir Module Tease

Synth-Werk Superbooth 2018 Preview

A glimpse of what they'll have on show
Superbooth 2018 - Dates and Venue Confirmed

Back at the Fez for the biggest Synth show of the year

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