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NAMM 22: SPL BiG Processor Now For 500 Series

Rack mount stereo shaping and enhancer
NAMM 22: SSL UF8 Updates and The BUS +

More feedback, and an update to the classic comressor
NAMM 22:BlipBlox MyTracks - Sounds Only

You know you want to
NAMM 22: Hydrasynth Deluxe - Sounds Only

Jim explores the performance mode
NAMM 22: OB-X8 Sounds Only

Jim has a noodle
NAMM 22: Easy Hold - Genius Assistive Grip Device

Hold pretty much anything
NAMM 22: iZotope Neutron 4 Brings AI Mix Smarts

Smarter and more efficient channel, bus and mix processing
NAMM 22: A Chat WithTom Oberheim

Industry legend
NAMM 22: Hammer Action Snap Together Travel Keyboard

Piano de Voyages - take your keys with you
NAMM 22: NINA Motorised Synth - Sound Only Demo

Jim takes a look at the new instrument
NAMM 22: Audio Design Desk - May Change Your Life

Foley, SFX, music beds placed to pitcure with AI smarts
NAMM 22: Aodyo Anyma Phi - Sounds Only

Physical modelling instrument demo
NAMM 22: RME 12Mic D - Dante, MADI, AVB

Reference class mic amps, over network
NAMM 22: Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Pedal

Digital pitch, modulation and other FX
NAMM 22: Positronic Recursion Studio - Video Synthesizer

From Entropy and Sons
NAMM 22: Casio CTS-1 Limited Edition Artwork

Flowers and Hearts by Romero Britto
NAMM 22: New Realitone Nightfall String Library

Pre-release of the new hybrid library
NAMM 22: Neve 88M 2ch Mic Pre and Audio Interface

10 in 10 out, quality preamps and more
NAMM 22: Who's Ready For Oeksound Soothe Live?

A lot of people apparently - coming soon
NAMM 22: MIDI 2.0 - Where Are We?

We get an update from Mike Kent and Pete Brown
NAMM 22: Focal Release New Solo 6 and Twin 6

And new sub too
NAMM 22: Circuit Happy ML2 Wifi Clock and Ableton Link

In a 2hp module
NAMM 22: Fluid Chords - MPE Chord Transitions

Slide transitions between chords
NAMM 22: Two Notes Genome - Platform Preview

All new guitar processing software
NAMM 22: Model D Into Soundtoys

Effect Rack and Little Plate on infinite...
NAMM 22: 4ms New Modules Demo

Dan gives them a spin
NAMM 22: Cloud Microphones 44-A Ribbon

The classic RCA pattern now in true passive mode
NAMM 22: Zynaptiq Triumph V3 - Advanced Sample Editor

Vocoding, timestretch and loads more
NAMM 22: Spitfire and BT's Polaris

Hybrid orchestral score library
NAMM 22: A Chat With

Plans, goals and more
NAMM 22: Krotos Audio - Performance Sound Design Tool Prototype

Really powerful foley and sound design tool
NAMM 22: Nektar Aura Pad Controller OS Update Adds Plenty

Build your own kits, new samples too
NAMM 22:Soyuz Microphones - High End Hand Made Mics

Dark condenser sound
NAMM 22: NMSVE - World's Smallest Bluetooth MIDI Controllers

12 buttons, a knob and fader
NAMM 22: Third Man Hardware - Jack White's Pedal Co

Pedal collabs and new designs
NAMM 22: Playtime Engineering: MyTracks Groovestation

Colourful child friendly MPC style groovebox
NAMM 22: Dreadbox - Treminator Stompbox

A tremolo pedal with extra depths
NAMM 22: Bome Software - BomeBox Update

The BomeBox gets MIDI 2.0 support
NAMM 22: Artiphon - Orba 2

The follow up to Artiphon's award winning synth, looper, and controller.
NAMM 22: Austrian Audio - OC16 Large Condenser Microphone

The handmade CKR6 capsule from Vienna in a more affordable package
NAMM 22: Two Notes Audio - Revolt Guitar And Bass Analog Amp Sim

The tube-driven pedals have been rebuilt from the ground up
NAMM 22: Animal Factory Amplification - Tannhauser Gates Quad VCA

AFA are back on their continuing mission to distort the planet
NAMM 22: Polyend - Play And Tracker - Audio Only

The Play and The tracker get a banging workout together
NAMM 22: Glen Darcy and the Hydrasynths

The whole range in one place at the same time
NAMM 22: Nugen Audio - Really Useful Plug-ins

Paragon, Sigmod and Halo Vision
NAMM 22: UVI Augmented Orchestra

Beyond the ordinary
NAMM 22: Audient - EVO 16 Audio Interface

Audient launch the most powerful EVO yet
NAMM 22: Groove Synthesis - 3rd Wave - Sound Only Demo

It's blue, it's gritty, but gentle and lovely too?
NAMM 22: Yamaha - YC OS Update

Yamaha adds a new rotary speaker and FM organ mode to the YC
NAMM 22: Audient - iD44 Audio Interface

Audient's most powerful audio interface just got better
NAMM 22: Zoom - R20 Multitrack Recorder And G6 Guitar Processor

New multitrack and guitar FX from Zoom
NAMM 22: Eventide - Misha

The interval based instrument and sequencer makes you a keyboard genius
NAMM 22: Conductive labs - MRCC Xpander 4X1 And Micro 88

MRCC gets additional ins and outs and a little sibling
NAMM 22: Put Your GPU To Work On The MIX With GPU Audio

Super fast, low latency audio processing
NAMM 22: What Is This Cicada?

Its an Acoustic Modulation synth
NAMM 22: OB-X8 Sounds With J3PO

More from the new OB
NAMM 22: The Big 3rd Wave Polysynth Video

A detailed look at the new Wavetable synth
NAMM 22: Cranborne Audio - Cast System N8 And Camden 500 Pre-amp

Vintage audio sound without the cable clutter
NAMM 22: Pittsburgh New Safari Modules

More small run experiments
NAMM 22: Focusrite Vocaster Two

Easy to use 2 channel audio interface
NAMM 22: NINA Motorized Control Poly Synth

Melbourne Instruments launch
NAMM 22: The West Pest Reaches Anaheim - Video

Cre8audio's new West Coast Desktop synth
NAMM 22: 3rd Wave - 3 Osc, 24 Voice Wavetable Synth

Officially announced today, price
NAMM 22: West Pest - New Cre8Audio Semi-Modular

Fully analog desktop synth with a West Coast vibe