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  Sonic LAB: Waves Abbey Road Studio 3
  Mix in the room on your headphones

    MP4 20:27 mins    

  WNAMM12: Waves In-Phase and WLM
  Correctional Phase tool, loudness metering

    MP4  | Flash Video 7:16 mins

  WNAMM12: Waves Debuts NLS - Non Linear Summing
  With Console Sound styles from Spike Mike and Nevo

    MP4  | Flash Video 2:40 mins

  WNAMM12: Waves Audio Unveils V9 (Version 9) Plugins
  64-bit host support and new easy-to-use authorization system

    MP4  | Flash Video 1:1 mins

  WNAMM11: Aural Excitement From Waves
  Aphex Aural Exciter recreated in a plug-in

    MP4  | Flash Video 1:33 mins

  WNAMM10: Waves Introduces Three New Artist Collaboration Collections
  Chris Lord-Alge, Jack Joseph Puig and Eddie Kramer plug-ins

 | Flash Video 3:28 mins

  WNAMM10: Mackie Adds Waves MultiRack For Onyx
  Realtime channel processing on live inputs

 | Flash Video 10:43 mins

  WNAMM08: Waves Studio Classics Collection
  API, SSL and V-Series Bundles all together in an affordable package

 | Flash Video 2:51 mins

   amped    WNAMM08: Guitar On the Go
  Waves iGTR is a guitar practice tool for the iPOD generation

 | Flash Video 3:34 mins

   amped    AESNYC07: Waves GTR 3
  New stomps, amps and bass too

 | Flash Video 5:49 mins

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