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  WNAMM10: Metasonix Valve Drum Machine And More
  D-1000, and MIDI CV modules

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4:46 mins

  WNAMM08: F*cking F*cker F*lmed
  Sonic check out the guitar amp for the truly discerning psychopath

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  WNAMM07: Metasonix TM-7 Out of the Sack
  Scrotum Smasher – it’s gnarly

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  WNAMM07:More Videos online
  Fender, Roland, Boss, Muse: more lovely movies from the show

  WNAMM06: Latest Show Videos Online
  Boss, Edirol, Metasonix, Blue Mics, eJamming and more

  WNAMM06: Metasonix S-1000 All Valve Synth
  Wretch Machine makes you hurl

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