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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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what the fuck dude? most of us who want this thing are broke anyway and need something that will do the shit we want to do. BMWs? i don't think so. i'm broke as a joke and it's people that have to talk like you're talking that only make guys new to techno like me feel bad about trying to get started.

posted Tuesday-Feb-09-1999 at 21:52
Cleatus from USA writes:
Damn this thing is cool....I was in Best Buy and it caught my attention so I was dicking around with it a bit and kind of wrote it off as a toy myself for a while. What really did astound me though was that clarity and bass, especially coming out of those little speakers! I finally did a little bit of research on it and realized that it did all the shit I was looking for, they even threw on a little bit of sampling! My only real complaint is that the sampler doesn't have more memory, because right now I'm using my computer as my sampler and it sounds like shit. Also the cutoff knob has barely any affect unless reso is turned all the way up, and it doesn't really do that squeaky reso thing like it like it should. But who gives a shit? This is a great keyboard! Well I'm looking to get one VERY soon I called Best Buy last night and they have ONE left so I'm planning on going out there today. I just think all you haters should suck in and admit that this $300 deck can probably do most of the usable shit that your $2000 equipment can. And when you're a broke 16 year old like me, that's an awesome deal.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-09-1999 at 07:52
Lepi from Europe writes:
Site dedicated to DJX

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-05-1999 at 12:41
Matt a part-timer user from USA, Thats right U S A!--Pasadena, CA!!! Ho writes:
First of all, this shit is dope. Ass kickin. I was walkin through the GoodGuys having got my Casio CTK-601 (Which is a pretty kick ass keyboard in its self)a year ago. I saw the damn thing and only tried it because I thought "Another PortaSound FM-Synth shit junkie." WHOA! KICKEN. I was messing with it for 1/2 hour untill the staff kicked me out. This thing had everything. I mean everything! The Ribbon controller impressed me the most. I had never neen anything like it. The great sounds of the drums. Especialy the treble. I think yamaha jacked some of that bose "channel sound" stuff and put it in their keyboard. The bass cranked up didn't get any distortion. The sounds of the high hats and stuff were crystal clear. Not only were the real time controlls and the wave table good, but the looks were pretty damn cool too. You could take this shit to school and girls would be all over you just cause it looks tight. Man, you could take this thing out and break of something proper from da hood if you know what I'm sayin. Fuck you Adrian, I'm an american and love techno music, especially by artists like SASH! etc. I should staple a U.S. flag to your butt and mail you to Iran. You want to see an american dance webpage,<a heref:"">Click here.</a> I can agree with everything else you said but that. Im a 15 year old, a wannabe american DJ, and pretty damn proud of it.

<I>When will you Euros ever learn who to spell "shop" or "center" right?</I>

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-02-1999 at 21:35
Robbie Williams a professional user from England writes:
The most talked about keyboard in the User reviews. Is it a toy or a Professional Synth?. is it for DJs or for the creative exploration of Dance?.

Well, I`ve bought one and was totally amazed at the quality of the sounds for the money, far exceeds the crap MC303 "Rave-SoundCanvas". full warm and poweful trance pads that are better than the ones in the CS1x, deep basses and sparkling leads that could be coming out of a Waldorf.

Gripes.. No, I`m not going to moan about the LCD, the sampler with only 128k RAM (just like the £8000 Emulator-1 in 1981) or the speakers but something more personal.. TOO MUCH Hip hop / Rap / Old Skool etc and not enough Euro, Trance and Techno in the patterns also the space allocated to the awful vocal samples might have been allocated to more of those wonderful loops and noises. Talking of speakers, they actually shame most recent ghetto blasters, I mean where is all that Bass coming from?.

Allocate the Ribbon to MODulation and it then becomes quite a usable master keyboard (better than the dearer soundless CBX-K2xg in fact which also has no aftertouch)the action is similar to the AN1x, IE: not in DX7-II/SY85 class but well usable. The GM side is better than the original soundcanvas or most soundcards and as good as the Korg X5 or CS1x and you can run GM over Midi and mix in one of the styles in real time.. had a great time using a classical piece as an intro!.

It sends all its pattern data etc over Midi, just tell your Computer sequencer to use External Sync, put it on record and do the Biz on the DJX, then edit what`s there! and either play it back on the DJX or other synths. great for those like me who are crap at programming drums. Don`t leave it balanced on the top vent part of your CS80, it`ll melt (;-).

BTW 12-year olds usually want Playstations or Nintendos for Xmas, not DJX`s..

Buy one for inspiration, for the portability, for a decent integrated GM box for when you want decent music in games which`ll blow your PC speakers away, for an excellent intro into the creation of dance music, for use as a decent master keyboard and most of all for the bloody cheek of it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-30-1999 at 20:47
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