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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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matt a professional user from uk writes:
ok , so years back i had a pro 1 and came across a 3.3 p5 for sale and i liked alot of the music from the day that this thing was on so thought i would give it a go , anyway to cut a long story short its a beautifull machine , lush , the 3.3 sounds amazing so i can think what the v2 sounds like but i dont want the hassle of the thing that gets me about the p5 is that many peopel think they ' know ' the machine and kind of think a p5 just does p5 sounds but its really a deep machine , for special fx and weird stuff its amazing .Its of course also stunning for pads but where i love it is when it does the softer stuff and weird slightly out of tune waves and pads etc , througha nice old verb or tape echo its just beautifull , lush and really otherworldly.Over 25 uyears i have owned about 30 synths , about 20 analogues and all were pretty good ones , for some reason i avoided the p5 but i cna truely say i will never sell mine now , everytime i pop it on and jam its just creative freedom , it triggers me off in ways other stuff i have doesnt.What gets me is just how deep it can get.I find it fat enough for me , i dont want super walls of deep bass so i am not be effected by this side of the v2 vs v3 obession , the 3.3 i have just blows me away as it is , its one of the classic synths and without a doubt worth the current going rate , i can recommend it enough - do not think your buyinga 1 dimensional synth here , it can do amazing special fx , very complex modulations , stunning freaked out lead tones , indian and ethnic tones , strange short percussive tones , drums , basses and off course its famous cross mod fx and pads and to top it off its micro tunable , you can create your own tuning tables you store and so this really is beyond many synths.If your lusting a p5 buy one !!!!!!!seriously - after 30 synths this thing blew me away in ways no other has.....i'm still kind of cinfused why as it looks so simple and doesnt have a million parameters but it just seems limitless.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-01-2009 at 14:13
Feyo Sickinghe a hobbyist user from The Netherlands writes:
The P5 is a great synth, I came across a Rev 2 in the 80's and it has not left my set up since. I also own a T8 and I must say that the rev 2 indeed sounds fatter and richer. The key velocity on the T8 is great, but in unison mode (10 ocs) the rev2 sounds better than the T8 (16 ocs). The Rev2 is a synth to fall in love with. The SSM IC's are extremely hard to find and can be very expensive. If you own a rev 2, make sure it is in a stable environment (not dry to avoid static electricity problems) and use a power controler to avoid peaks etc.. and, enjoy!

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-29-2007 at 15:51
Dr. Synth a part-time user from Germany writes:
I own a Prophet 5 Rev. 2 SSM now for a few months. A paid a ridiculous 2200 € for it. I feel it´s worth every penny, because I got blown away immediately when turned it on before buying it. I owned a Jup 8 and a pro one before. The Pro One sounded completely different. So if a Pro-One is a “One voice Rev. 3� the sound is really different.

The sound is different to a Jup. 8 also. Only the Prophet makes these spacy sounding beautiful resonances– and I think that´s due to the SSM chips - and the keyboard tracking is really musical in context with these filters. It gives this great sounds that every tries to emulate but can not without this box.

BTW: This doesn´t mean its so much better then the Jup. 8 – it´s different. But its far better and really different to the Pro-One.

The software emulations are totally different – they are not even 1% of the Prophet. All of them. If You aren´t deaf though :-). A virus would be closer …. So still 10000 miles away.

Even the prophet 5 SSM sounds somehoew closer to the cs-80 as the virtual cs-80 sounds to the cs-80 as far as I can judge from the recordings I heard. This shows how different analog technology still is, because the architecture of the Yamaha is so striking different. Use VAs what they are made for, but don´t think or expect they are a Prophet in any way. I´ll like my Virus B and still keep it. It´s a great tool and can do different things.

PS: If anyone want´s to sell a jup-8 or cs-80 please leave me a note.

PPS: I own a mini as well and it´s funny that they all like the mini-filter so much (which I do also), but I think the Prophet 5 I have is at least equal or perhaps even superior.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-14-2007 at 13:45
analogbass a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Rod M really sounds like someone about to sell a rev 2 Prophet, with that silliness about the big differences between the 2 and rev 3s.

Bottom line the 3s sound great, are far more reliable, stay in tune and are easily midied. I speak from experienced, having owned many Prophets. All the rest of the rhetoric is noise; any differences aren't major. I've never heard records with Prophets on them in which i thought "if only it was a rev 2" LOL

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-04-2007 at 17:33
synthuz a professional user writes:
To all of you that are use to computer pluggs please get the real deal, it cant be compared, a synth is a synth and a computer plug is a bad compy of of a synth, if you would be infront of a pro5 you would never compare it to the real deal, its a big differance.they are expencive now but i understand why.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-09-2007 at 14:32
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