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trouby from germany writes:
on 3-2-1 there were some avail. so i got mine for ~€50. ron said all, just a technical appendix now. of nthe age there's only a lot of dust in the front inside of the faders. theres's ni IC's inside, only transistors. the trigger signal is negative, seems to be a decay envelope. midi2gate possible? i don't know... ever tried to get the all-key-rhythm? mix trioles & 16th together and the 16th will be cutted on each quarter at the 3rd - trioles are not slower than the 16th (same length, no pre-divider inside). sounds funny to mix waltz & latin :D

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-24-2007 at 15:52
Ron Bacardi a part-time user from UK writes:
Killer Drumbox! - Poor man's CR78? - so what?

I got mine ages ago for 24 pounds and it's sounds great - check out the seriously groovy Guiro!

It's quite a straightforward item. It sits on top of a keyboard has a load (10/20) of classic presets, you know, like bossanova and tango.

From left to right: You have this start/stop 'switch' which is a chrome bar. Hit it and you start, hit it again - you stop - weird!

Underneath this is the power toggle switch and a switch to double your tempo if things ain't rockin'. Alongside is a metronome bottom so your party people can get into the groove, and a fade out button (who needs a mixer when ya got this kinda quality?) Next to these you select your rhythm by pressing (and I do mean pressing!)this row of purple/maroon buttons.

Then there are even more colourful buttons with more rhythms to select. You then have a choice of a basic 2beat or 4beat bar, selected again by buttons (grey this time)and lastly there's this knob/switch to vary your rhythm - this is where the action is.

Underneath all this are a series of sliders; for tempo, fadeout speed, general volume, separate bass and snare volume, that funky guiro volume, and a maraca/cymal/hihat volume.

The whole thing looks truly retro and lots of fun can be had by pressing in more than one button at a time (for starters). Turn the gain right up, or shove it through any FX for truly awesome cheese!

Syncing? - easy! - program a tom on a 606, on beat1 and beat 16, take that trigger out and put it into the stop/start jack socket in the back of the TR77(or take a pulse out of one of those new fangled converters)and adjust the tempo on the TR77 to 'match' your music - easy!

Slow it all down and sample away to your lo-fi heart's content!

Hey, it ain't an MPC2000, but it rocks all the same! I did see another one a few years later at a boot fair for about the same price, but you know how it is collecting this old gear - space!

It's format is quite nice too. You can keep it at hand and pop a synth on to of it - this thing just does not get in the way like a lot of 'tabletop' gear!

Price? - whatever - I know people get these things retrofitted for separate outs (costs a bomb!) - I'd leave it as it is, and say pay 50 pounds for it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-08-2001 at 16:01
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