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Lee Mitchell a part-time user from England writes:
Okay, this is my own opinion of the Mc909, i wont go into specifications as it is available on the net already. Ive owned every Roland and Yamaha and a couple of Korg grooveboxes in the past and i have to say each one has its advantages and disadvantages over each other, but as we are talking about the Mc909 only here i will try not to make too many comparisons.

SOUNDS: I find the preset tones on the 909 pretty good, there are some duff ones but overall pretty good, programming new sounds is a doddle, really easy and great results can be yielded if you put in the effort.

SAMPLING: The sampler on this groovebox is great, a bit confusing to start with when you want to import wav/aiff files but a quick reference to the manual will save you getting a headache, sampling a sound straight in is really straightforward. You can create your own drum kit patches or straightforward sound patches, or for the more daring you can mix your own samples with the internal tones which is brilliant. The tone of the sampler is excellent and you can name and save your own samples to the internal memory so its ready next time you switch on. Stock memory is 16Mb and can be expanded to 272Mb.

SEQUENCER: This has got to be one of the best ive ever used, and thanks to the large lcd screen its really easy to use and edit down to single note parameters, ie velocity, duration etc. I have always found the Roland Mc series of sequencer so easy to use and very rewarding, i dont ever use a pc/mac for sequencing at all. My only gripe is you have to stop play mode to slip into record mode, but thats not a major issue really for me.

EFFECTS: Some really cool effects on this unit, well exceeding Yamaha and Korgs offerings and i must say the reverb and compression are up there with the best, very effective compression that can make a recording sound as its been recorded in a professional studio, spot on Roland, well done. Reverb is simply stunning, full and rich with a great deal of settings and control over various parameters, i love it! Other effects include delay (nice sounding), phazer, flange, echo, eq (very effective), wah plus many many more.

OTHER FEATURES: I would never be able to list every feature from memory, find a website for that but here are a few of my favorites and not so favorite..... user programmable arpeggio....wicked and very inspiring,

Chord memory....absolutely wicked tool, i love this,

Twin D beam controllers....not really my thing but probably pretty useful for some people,

Turn table emulator slider....again not really my thing and i would have much preferred a pitch wheel or mod wheel, although it can be assiged to do this and more,

There are many many more features i havent included but you will find more details on the net.

Well thats my skew on this amazing bit of gear, it is the center of my studio and i use it to also sequence other external gear i currenty own (Roland JV1080, Korg M1 and a Roland JP8000) to produce my music, i hope i have not bored you too much and wish everyone all the best.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-17-2010 at 05:24
well I just got mine second hand off e-bay the other day, and am still getting used to the OS, I use to have a 307 many years ago that was my first ever groovebox, though have been using korg for a few years now, my first impressions thus far are great, though as someone said, If you truly want to get creative invest in separite rack synths and use your 909 to sequence those synths, plus you can isolate your processing in the 909 to just the elements that the 909 is using, I am currently taking turns at hooking up my supernova2 rack and korg triton rack, which does have multisampling capabilities, but as far as the groovebox goes by still packs some nice sounds is still pretty capable..!, but yeh, run that midi out and controll oter synths and isolate those sounds and process further....

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-08-2009 at 00:31
Mike a hobbyist user from detroit usa writes:
I gave it 5 stars because I use it for studio use only so the issues with it not sustaining patterns is not of concern to me.. yah it would be nice if the lazy roland engineers would fix this, but besides that I love this machine.

I owned a yamaha rs7000 and sold it and bought this. While I do love the rs7000 and it is a solid preformer, it had (to me) limitations that the mc909 does not. for Example, you can effect the filter cut off with note velocity. You cant on the rs, and if you could I never found it. you can not turn the click off in record mode which realy bugged me.

Next I really love the tweak factor of the synth engine. The rs blows in this factor.

One thing I loved about the rs was the fact it would loop the measure you are working on in tr-rec (as what roland calls it) mode.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-08-2007 at 11:44
Pimpbot2000 a part-time user writes:
"So sometimes, the 6 and 13 track won't mute at the same time. Don' put sounds on it that you need to mute at the same time. Grow up."

No, it's not "sometimes" you goob, it's all the time! It didn't have this problem until the last O.S. Sorry, but IMO you shouldn't introduce new bugs and not fix the big the lack of sustain. Surely you've noticed this, unless everything you make is 130bpm+, maybe you wouldn't notice.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-20-2007 at 01:33
Paul Michaelson a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I love my MC-909 its a very nice piece of kit. It can sound really really phat and you can lay down nice beats with it. The synth section is extensive and expandable with SRX expasions. I have ownd almost every groobox that has been on the market and i can honestly say the MC-909 leaves them all in the dust. However mixing it with other synths is going to diversify your sound so i say mix it with a few other pieces of kit to get the most out of it.

Enjoy i highly recomend it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-15-2007 at 08:23
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