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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Rasta Mon a professional user from International writes:
In addition to the sounds that I have personally tweaked there are several presets that I cannot live without such as the B3...By the way I purchased my X2 back in 1995 and still use it as my controller...A keyboard is like a car... Which do you prefer, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda or something else? They all have the same basic functions but what it really comes down to is which one is most compatible based on your needs? If you perform live, produce in the studio, sequence, or score you will need a keyboard that fit your needs and most probably more than one...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-11-2009 at 22:22
Gilles Savoie a part-time user from Canada writes:
I somehow don't think that I get the potential out of my x2.... I would like to find out how to use the x2 to it's fullest potential. I certainly need to know, what function regulates the frequency of the wave effect.. so as it can be set to the time signature of the immediate song..I have never known which function would control this..and it would help me incredibly.. as I play live and need this information.

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-16-2007 at 02:14
Ernesto Manríquez a hobbyist user from Chile writes:
I definitely love this keyboard. It was my first real keyboard (well, I've had a Casio toy-keyboard before, but I think that doesn't count ;)) and it has been with me for 6 long years. 150% reliable. No major servicing. No broken switches. No nothing. I ask this baby to play for me and it plays. The X2 Piano is awesome, and I was able to duplicate the Triton's Monster Lead effortlessly, and sounding in a complete new and destructive way.

The only real trouble it's its lack of polyphony. With a sequence made with programs using both oscillators I have only 16 voices, and that's too little (OTOH, that happens with every keyboard until very recently). So, I had to buy a Kawai K4 for backing it up. But, even when the K4 is amazingly good for analog strings and even greater leads, I use the X2 for everything else. Don't miss this one.

P.S. For the people who recommended the N364, I can say that the X2 has 340 waveforms in 8 MB, plus a special card for the piano sound, with 4 MB, expandable with cards for more waveforms. The Nx64 series has near 450 waveforms in the same 8 MB. So, the Nx64 may have more polyphony and the RPRR, but it simply cannot sound as good as the X2. Even worse, you cannot expand the Nx64 with waveform cards.

P.S.2. Nightwish fans, please try to octavate the B37 ArcoString preset, reduce the attack to zero and change the wave forms to 166 and 162 for oscs. 1 and 2 respectively. You'll have Tuomas' string.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-30-2005 at 17:06
George a professional user from Hampton, Virginia writes:
It's limited in some areas because it's outdated. It's still a fantastc workstation even in tne present day. Pretty good sequencer. Of course 32 voice polyphony is not enough by today's standards but it's still gets over the hump. Nothing too complicated or sophisticated. Whoever (Mark from Alaska I believe) says the pianos,organs etc sucks, please learn how to utilize the X2 more than what you get right out of the box. As the case with most older synths you need to program your sounds and effects. Until you learn how to program a synth you can never get the most out of it. Remember alot of the Triton's waveforms originated from the older Korgs such as the X2. Try this for example. Edit the preset VS Organ (Bank B #11).Make sure your multisound mode is on double mode and change the sound to Sine. Go back to the preset VS Organ (Bank B #11) use the value slider as your slow and fast controller and tell me what happens. All in all it's a very underated synth. For those who like those curent Rhodes vibrato patches try Whirly (Bank A #63)and use the value slider. The X2 is a sensational keyboard and I'll never part with it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-10-2005 at 19:44
Adrey a part-time user from philippines writes:
Korg X2, have really done a good job for me over these years, although i'm quite dissapointed the first time i laid my fingers on it. i dont like the keys, niether the piano sounds, but after i got used to it, then i learn it has one of the best piano sounds. i've tried several brass sounds on the Fantom, the Xp's, Jv's of roland but nothing compares the crisp of brass the X2 has. i fully disagree that it sounds thin, it is how you play the instrument that sounds thin. You could only bring out the best of X2 when you really know how play with it the korg X2 way.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-22-2004 at 00:58
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