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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-28-2007 at 12:56
mk a part-time user from dallas writes:

I have two of these units and mostly run them as secondary or backing tracks on 4 channels...

I would like to emphasise that these are EXCELENT backing track generatiors.

This is also probably the simplest to program multistep out if all the hardware sequencers in the market.

Take forexample, I strongly encourage users to patch their EA1 to other outboard gear such as Jp8080 MS2000 VA or Softsynth and Switch Midi channels on your EA1. You want to select a AMP GATED type of patch or program (mostly bass and lead patches) and let the EA1 work its magic.

In vice versa, use your keyboards programable Arpeggiatiors (Korg Trinity/Triton or Roland JV-Engine Synths)to contrrol the tone generator of your EA1

I also like its ability to record its sequences into your currently existing sequencing gear/software. Where other units are TOO precice, you EA1 sequence programability has the 3 most important aspects of making a sequence... realtime note-pitch RT note-gate and RT note-mute (or rest).

4 Bars 16step/2Bar 12 or 32step is more than adequate to start out a full monophonic sequence loop on a track because anything longer such as 8 bar or 16 bar phrases are only transposed or mode changed variations or versions of the first 2 or 4 bars more than 90% of the time. You can always change transposition or mode on your larger sequencer, such as RM1x, MC505 or software.

As for the 'Thin' sound everyone complains aout. You can get a thick sound by running the outputs into an analog desk and crank the gain up approximately -3 dB minus its HARD clipping point. By doing so, dramatic filter sewwps at high rezonance will cause your solid state analog channel co-amp to slightly overload and give your EA1 more animated character, especially if you play it live. Tube have a simalar and less dramatic result however tubes are too noisy...

Sine the tone generator is GATED and there is no internal velocity control, there is really no need to Compress the EA sygnal, it will just make it sound duller.

You can get awesome unison/thickness effects by patching the headphone out into the line input section. make syre the wire you use to connect it has a varable passive resistor(Volume Control) on it and have it transmit about -30dBu from phone out to line in.

All your patterns or patches with LINE IN oscilator will procesd Part 1 OSC2 section as well as Part 2 OSC1/OSC2 secttions... Its really good soundin stuff! In order to prevent a feedback loop, its imprtant to have the Balance Far toward OSC2 and slowly nudge the balance to OSC1/Line In... the amount of feedback you incyrr will dramaticly increase its dynamic and sonic range as well as making your EA more purcussive sounding instaid of Gated sounding.

Occassional I will use them for main bass or lead

but when you have your bassic BEATS BASS LEAD PAD VOCALS in your track, adding EA1 sequences wills that GAP and adds a lot more depth into the perception of your track.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-29-2006 at 03:33
kiniradmod from germany writes:
cheap ,limited and bad sounding,cool things: the delay and some fiepsblepsfucksounds,if you are rich buy one ,it creates 2 diffrent sounds whooow, and terribel,monopoly supersonic crap, if you from yesterday and long before, buy it and go on being so creative hehehe

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-30-2005 at 14:54
supermel74 a hobbyist user from Rumford, Maine writes:
Probably the best value table top synth available. You can pick one up on ebay for about $100.00. I saw one sell last week for $61.00! Like all the older electribes, this thing is really easy to program and perform on. I don't play traditional keyboard, but with the step sequencer on this unit I'm busting out super cool original synth and bass lines that rival(or beat) the professionals. I usually hook it up to a drum machine via midi and start working it to the max. Any drum machine (or sampler)with a midi out will do. I just ordered an electribe em1 that I'm going to hook up with this to expand up to 4 voices at once. All in all, if you have any interest in music, get this amazing little synth. For under $100.00 you will not regret it. Because of the price and ease of use I give it a 5/5!

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-16-2005 at 14:03
ian a hobbyist user from texas writes:
for $100, this box is an amazingly fun intrument, note: its not a studio-in-a-box, its an instrument. you wont be getting hi-hats or piano sounds here, its a synth. i give it a 5 not because its the best thing out there, but because theyre so cheap now. just check ebay now and then and you'll find a great deal pretty quickly.

FEATURES as for features, you wont find an analog modeling synth with this much to offer anywhere else for this price, and if youre saying your vsts can do all this, youve never used actual hardware. with a little tweaking, you can get the nastiest crunchiness or something silky smooth. its all you! the presets are lame, but thats not what youre paying for, i hope.

AUDIO IN the audio-in makes it great for guitar effects, or just a preamp, but if you need it super-clean, look elsewhere. my results are usually pretty grainy, sometimes good, not always.

MIDI as for midi, this thing can double a control surface. you can split the parts into 2 channels for different instruments. also, many dont know, but you can use every single button and knob as a midi controller. check for documentation on this, theres a lot. >>win xp users can get this FREE program that converts it to a midi controller:

OVERALL wait for a good deal, and buy one. it will compliment any setup, and the value is too good to pass up. real hardware sounds, and it doubles as a great midi controller, who can resist?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-27-2005 at 19:09
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