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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Y B Rich a professional user from USA writes:
Listen Up! I want to make one thing perfectly clear: the ASR-10 is the Anikin Skywalker of Samplers and I am Yoda! No machine even comes close. I challenge ANYONE to come at me with anything they want to, and I will run circles around your track (and you).

I have owned the ASR since 1995 and this is 2011. I'm rollin' 16MB RAM with SCSI and I can sample/loop/sequence anything!

Finally, I also possess the Holy Grail of Hip-Hop. I can engineer the deepest, strongest sustained kick-bass anywhere. I'm talking R. Kelley and Lil' Jon type basses.

As an engineer, anyone who wants to learn this ART, I'll be willing to teach you...for $100K.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-24-2011 at 20:51
a hobbyist user from USA - Texas writes:
THE ASR 10 is the most beautiful keyboard ever made,if it was a woman, i would make love to it. The thing that makes this board sound so great is the DP4 FX processor. If you remove the processor, if just a plain sampler with decent editing capabilities. I like this keyboard but making music on it is just too slow,and the sequecer sucks. I have a Roland MV-8800 sampler and editing is just so much more quicker and more flexible and I can record 8 tracks of audio. The fact that your audio files are not in wav format, makes the ASR 10 format limited.

Wav format is the standard file format and its here to stay. The days of different sampler manufactures having their own file format is gone.If your only sound engine was a ASR 10, you could surely get the job done, but you have to admit there are better samplers that will allow your workflow and production to efficient. Everyone needs to allow this antique to die and retire it to their instrument museum.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-07-2011 at 23:57
Slugworth a hobbyist user from Bronx N.Y. writes:
I have owned my ARS-10 for 14 years and have not had time to learn how to use it due to working long hours and going through so many changes in life. That keyboard is one of the best and it is stilllike brand new. I am willing to pay anyone who have the time starting in June this summer of 2010 to teach me how to operate this magnificent keyboard. You can email me at Remeber I am from the Bronx so anyone from the Bronx your more than welcome.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-05-2010 at 21:02
Ryan a professional user from Australia writes:
Very conveniant sampling. And thing is it sounds great. Hard to describe but iv'e sampled a piano into this (at every five nots or so) and it sounds very smooth and the bass very deep. The opposite of a Yamaha to my mind. Yamaha do have some good sounds (on a motif for example)but the low end realy is lacking in my opinion on almost all there sounds. Roland is good live because of its hifi type sound but not so good for recording in my opinion. So, good all round sampler, but the processing time is a little slow. Prob takes about 30 mins to sample a pinao properly. Oh, and if someone can tell me how to make made instruments velocity senstive it would be much appreciated.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-20-2009 at 21:55
Uncle Ricky a part-time user from USA writes:
This ASR is a keyboard, wavetable synth, sampler, effects unit, and a sequencer. The timing of the sequencer is rock solid. Anything you feed through the ASR gets a "live" sound to it (similar to MPC series samplers but w/more bottom end). The filters sound very musical and warm and not digital aliased sounding. There're up to 62 high quality effects (including vocoding), based on Ensoniq's DP/4 effects processor, that do wonders for sample manipulation or polishing. A whole range of reverbs, chorus, flange, phaser, distortion, digital delay, speaker effects, etc. are available. The sequencer has 16-tracks and provides 31 voices of polyphony, real time and looped recording modes, 96 PPQ clock resolution, an auto-locate function, punch in/out, and other useful features. The ASR can also support up to seven simultaneous hard disks and/or CD-ROM drives and is compatible with Akai (S-1000/1100) and Roland CD-ROM sound librarys. A high-density (HD) 3.5" disk drive comes standard. I own an ASR-88 which is my Main Sampler, Sequencer and Master MIDI controller that controls the rest of my synths.

I also own a ASR-10 with the Rare Blue Screen, the SCSI port already Installed w/RAM Fully Maxed out! If anyone is interested in taking it off my hands, drop me a line @

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-03-2009 at 19:40
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