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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Michal Najvrt a part-time user from Czech Republic writes:
I have the TS-12 for more than five years. The accoustic piano sound is still the best for me although I have more newer instruments. The percussive sounds and some pads are very nice. I like some organ patches, some flutes, brass and woodwinds. The synth sounds are limited by non-resonant filters. I use many sound sampled by EPS 16 Plus. Unfortunately there is not other possiblility to handle with the souds than by 2DD floppy discs (I have not the SCSI). Ensoniqs are also not compatible with MS DOS formatted discs. The keyboard action is excellent, but it is noisy after 12 years in use. The display is very good for live performance, but limited for programming. The sequencer works perfectly. TS-12 is built very solid and it is very heavy.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-30-2008 at 06:43
Jon Boorom a professional user from Chicago writes:
I have had the TS-12 for many years now and love it. when it came out it was the best workstaion on the market, ans still is by ease of use standards. Great sounds and expandable with the ARS sample library. Yes it's heavy but how many 76 weighted workstations aren't. Only one key got banged around in moving and it still partially works. Jam On! Jon

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-15-2007 at 16:36
manaay a part-time user from Slovenia writes:
I got this keyboard for a little more than 500$. First I was disapointed because sequencer is not so easy to use as I was expecting.. second, last and the most bad thing is that in multi mode you can't hear changes when editing sound (if envents came on midi in.. if you use keybopard you can hear it).. i use extrnal seqencer (waldorf q) and have TS-10 always in 'Sound' mode, using only one sound.. Each sound has 6 voices and 1 effect.. Each voice has waveform, lfo, 3 envelopes, modulation mixer and 2 filters.. I usualy use 1 to 3 voices per sound.. there is a lot of waveforms and they are quite good.. transwaves are nothing special, but wave-list option are great.. Wave-list is a list of waveforms (max 16).. each waveform has it's own delay time (how much time will take before waveform will be played after you pressed the key) and pitch.. very complicated sounds can be created Editing sounds is very easy.. interface is very user friendly and everything is under control.. each parameter can be edited with data slider or with buttons.. programming new sounds is realy a joy.. Sounds are not very deep.. and this synth will not replace your VA. I am using it for some weird digital sounds (have waldorf q, elektron machinedrum and kawai k5000s).. it is also good for acustic sounds and pads.. Drumkits are also nice (808 included) but I don't use them Effects are great.. a lot of combinations.. but IMO not better then those on kawai k5000, filters are not resonant, but who cares Sample playback option is cool.. great for loops.. but only 10 samples can be loaded.. Keyboard in comparison to Kawai k5000 is plastic fantastic.. i don't like it Overall it is great synth for the price and again very easy to program..

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-10-2003 at 20:26
Kees Wesselius a hobbyist user from Netherlands writes:
Oct 2002 - Absolute the best heavy weighted monster ever built! Sounds are still usable, but master-sequencer abilities are timeless.

Many synth functions that I never touched, the whole sample area at the right hand side have never been touched - a pity for all that money.

I can afford a relacement but will never buy one. Unless is breaks, that's my worst nightmare. Sounds GREAT with the Eminent 310-U and MC-307. Fills the gap between all those sounds available.

Oh, and NEVER quantize with more than 10 songs in memory: "EDITING DATA" willl freeze the machine, with all memory lost after reset. This is the worst thing I've ever seen... but now it won't happen again.

Has strange behaviour when seqences are started by the (hard coded inversed polarity!) pedal. The first "start" is ignored. Software he?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-12-2002 at 09:26
Patrick Perdue a part-time user from Greensboro, NC, USA writes:
I have an ensoniq ts 12, and love it. Wouldn't do any gigging with it though if I didn't have to, for one thing I am very small and it isn't. It weighs 59 pounds, and I don't weigh all that much more. But it is durable as crap! I'm trying to figure out more stuff on editting samples internally. I am making samples for it with awave and EPSdisk sense I am too cheap to go out and buy a sampler and can't seem to find a way to break layers apart and play with them indevidually within the keyboard. I have a manual but am blind and my scanner is broke so I can't read it. As far as the sounds on it the drums aren't so good but I have a few drum mods anyways, the basses are good, organs are ok, strings are nice, brass also good. The pianos aren't really good, I can hear a little hissing in some of the samples and the loops are slightly obvious. The general midi synth programs on this board to me sounds like it was thrown together at the last minute so that it would have gm support, really not worth it especially if you have sound fonts and a good mod like the roland jv1010 or xp60 for gm. But I don't use gm all that much anyways. Over all the sound re production coupled with the coolness of the powerful synth engine is why I love it so much. Plus the fact that it's so versitile and programmable. It seems to be good for a lot of music styles. Would love it if there were a lot more sample memory. I currently only have the stock 2 mb and a floppy drive. The memory is expandable to 8 mb but even that these days is small. I have several sound fonts that are just single instruments or banks that are a lot bigger than that. But it's a bloody tank! Not to mention that this is my first professional keyboard, I came from a yamaha psr530, wow what an improvement! maybe that's why I love this thing so much Regardless of the fact that it only has 32 note polyphony.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-24-2001 at 12:17
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