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JohnnyBusca a hobbyist user from Netherlands writes:
I agree with Nikos. I own a system with 2 VCOs, VCF, ADSR, VCA and the multifunction module. I also own a Doepfer A-100 system, but this modular is much powerfull. This modular does not use the minijacks like the doepfer so it will have a lot less misconnections. I use it in combination with an external LFO box with three types of outputs and I like it! :) Playing with the joystick is also a lot of fun. The VCOs have hard and soft sync inputs and a switch for exp. or linear FM modulation. :) The internal speaker and headphone output are also very nice. It sounds great in combination with my 808. :)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-19-2002 at 10:14
Nikos from Greece writes:
Boehm soundlab. The soundlab is a small modular system, made in Germany around 1982. I purchase mine as new from the Boehm store here in Greece. My model has 2 VCO’s, VCF, 2 ADSR’s, VCA, the multifunction module (this has smartly implemented noise, random noise, LFO, sample + hold, ring mod and a small mixer with inverter input) and a speaker. It cased in a portable molded plastic brief case similar to Moog sonic 6. The keyboard is four octaves and besides it, are a joystick and some knobs. Also, Dieter Doepfer designed for the soundlab a digital sampling module, which sadly I haven’t. The soundlab was constructed around the classic CEM chips, which concludes in a great sound and reliability but less character compared to Moog or ARP. It’s a very smart system, simple but has a lot of control over sound, with voltage control inputs in every envelope stage and voltage control of resonance for example - things that some bigger modulars don’t have. The great basses and leads are there, but the killer spacey avant-garde effects are the main reason why I love it so much (I rejected junos and polysixes to buy this!). It’s a rare synth but this is not so good thing because there is no support and no parts anymore (except the expensive CEM’s!). One good thing is, that is a very reliable synth – it doesn’t need the 15 minutes for warm-up that some other synth I know needs- and has very stable oscillators (thank you Doug Curtis!). Well, the soundlab is a reliable, versatile, analogue synthesiser-what more can you ask?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-25-2000 at 12:45
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