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Picture needed arrowReleased: 1999  Specifications
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Martin D writes:
Whether you use it as a rehersal tool, making use of the onboard 3 track sequencer or a midi drum module, this rocks 'maaan!' For the price you really can't beat this little gem for ease of use and sound quality.

With the seeming demise of the 'beat box' given over to sample CDs which mostly contain other people's loops and groove boxes that only every sport the same old 808 and 909 sounds that are free as samples everywhere these days anyway [probably in cerial boxes soon enough!]...It's refreshing to see that Zoom realise that some people just love drum machines and 'kit'. [Try taking a sample CD in your bag to jam along a new track with bandmates and see how far you get!]

The only drawback is that you can't edit the actual samples as far as pitch etc goes... but then that would make the RT-123 perfect and perfection doesn't exsist, does it?

Comments About the Sounds:
Very 'Rock' for the majority, [ apart from ubiquitous 808, 909 type sounds] but extemely well sampled and processed.

(Thanks to Martin D for this info.)

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