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squeak writes:
This has to be the best and ONLY drum machine on the market that can be bought for $100.00 No one even comes close to this thing in terms of features and sound quality for the price range.. The sound quality is awsome.. The pad sensitivity is great.. 50 preset kits and 20 user (and they mean user too) you can assign any sound to a pad and adjust the tune, pan, velocity and a few other things. One pattern can be up to 99 bars long, plus when you chain them together in song mode you have 99 spaces to do so.. Each space can have a pattern with a differnt bar lenght. The construction is great and it totally portable.. It runs for 15 hours on 4 AA batteries and you can buy an adapter for it from Radio Shack for $10.00 It has 396 preset patterns and has room for 99 user patterns. I'm glad I bought this thing.. It was well worth the money!!!! Everyone should at least look at this thing and play it because you'll soon realize that for $100.00 this thing kicks ass!

Comments About the Sounds:
This is a straight drum machine with no bass sounds or anything like that.. It's strictly for drums

(Thanks to squeak for this info.)

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