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Rodge writes:
incredibly useful, portable (batteries!) 3/4 track drum and bass sequencer with full midi/in out capabilty, velocity sensitive pads that light when playing, 3 octaves of notes available via -+ buttons in conjunction with the main pads. once you've played you're grooves in in real time, which is really easy, switch to song mode and set each pad to be a break and just switch patterns in a song on the fly, including programming you own filss etc. or put it in groove mode, and overlay multiple patterns looping in real time. tap tempo function. editing data is pretty easy. you can mute the tracks playing, and also record midi data for controlling other gear at the same time. the potential for using this as simple but powerful sequencer with any cheap sampler for mpc-style programming and prerformance is huge. A good modern battery powered drum machine for taking on walks in the woods is awesome.

the old zoom drum machine were also extremely useable and userfriendly, but this one is the best. my favourite drum machine over the zoom 234 or the alesis hr16.

extra outputs, clean punchy sounds, great interface. music making is quick and fun with this thing.

Comments About the Sounds:
most sounds are dry, clean and punchy. but some sounds include a reverb tail, unmodifiable :(

(Thanks to Rodge for this info.)

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