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  DX-27 At a Glance
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Chad Gould ( ) writes:
The DX27 (S in my case, the difference between the two being speakers and a chorus addition) was my first synthesizer, personally. And, while I wouldn't want it as my only machine, I think that as a supplement it's very nice. It produces some VERY strange FX, and great bell sounds. Good brass and some good bass as well - the FM sound is great at doing metallic, and even though the filter's a bit lousy, the bass still comes through pretty well. Very few of the presets I use, however... I mostly program my own stuff. I would be very disappointed with the synth if I couldn't program stuff in - the FX section is particularly lacking. And the DX is not an easy machine to program. The effort is worth it, though - it certainly can produce some sounds my other more expensive keyboards can't even come close to matching. For the price, I consider it one of the best values in a keyboard around.

Comments About the Sounds:
Good bass, excellent brass, the best bell sounds money can buy, and whopping good FX. Elsewise not much.

It's an FM synth and they do what they do...

(Thanks to Chad Gould for this info.)
and Martin Fulton for the pic

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