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  DX-9 At a Glance
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Pat McNeil ( writes:
Corrections to previous review: the DX9 DOES NOT respond to velocity via midi, and it's 16 v. polyphony, not 8. You can do some great Emerson-esque hammond sounds, however, if you're patient with Yamaha's aggravating programming structure.

Sonic Says Poor relative of the DX7 with only 4 ops. As with the early DX7's the midi implementation was not great and the sounds weren't that special either. Probably worth something if you locked it in a vault and left it to your great great grandchildren.

There's not a whole lot of support for the 9, so I wouldn't recommend buying one unless it was a steal. You'd be better off with an FB01 or something as a 4op if you wanted one.

Mine's been smacked around over numerous roadtrips and studio gigs over the last 10 years, and still works..

Comments About the Sounds:
You can do a lot with a 4op if you've got the time/inclination to program the damn thing! :) Not worth the effort for the avg. user, but if you've got a lot of FM experience, you can do some neat stuff with a DX, save for the brass, which tends to be weedy, and the strings (well, all synth strings are crap, but anyway.. this one's a little worse! :)

(Thanks to Pat McNeil for this info.)

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