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  SY-35 At a Glance
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Joshua M. Schnable writes:
The SY-35 is a great keyboard for those who are starting out in digital music and such. It's ease of use and the cool as shit vector wheel make it usable in professional settings as well. The sounds on it are pretty good, they won't compete with new synths now, but I think they're a little warmer and richer than the Korg M1. It handles MIDI very well, despite it's 8 note poliphony shortcommings. In my opinion, it's a great little synth that is very enjoyable to use.

Comments About the Sounds:
The SY-35 is kind of different, in that it combines FM and sample playback (AWM) to create sounds. Four voices (2 FM, 2 AWM) are combined and can be edited with a roller/joystick (the vector wheel). This can create some very cool sounds and effects.

(Thanks to Joshua M. Schnable for this info.)
and anix for the pic

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