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JC writes:
Just picked one up and together with my RM1X its all I need...A kick ass combination, effects are superb and the thing is so easy to use. Easier than ever to create killer dance tracks. Its amazing "LOOP REMIX" function lets you change the groove of your loops as you play them—ON THE FLY. And by simply pressing the "LOOP TR PLAY" button, your sample loops will instantly play back in perfect sync - regardless of their original BPM!As your samples play, you can add effects, tweak the filter, scratch a sample, remix a loop or change the groove. All spontaneously. All in realtime. Best of all, the Resampling function, all of this madness can be recorded and made into an entirely new sample loop. if you've been wanting to lay down your own sample-based grooves, check out the SU200 and you'll agree—it's one HOT box! One of the best "phrase samplers" out there. whether your a rookie or vetran this box should definetly be in your gear!

(Thanks to JC for this info.)

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