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  SK-50D At a Glance
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m writes:
This is the giant of the Yamaha SK ( symphonic keyboard) series of synths. A very heavy ,dual keyboard multi synth instrument with both preset and programmable sounds.
It has got a 9 drawbar organ, monophonic bass synth ; a woofer killer bass with sine 3 oscillators .
It has got a monophonic solo synth that can be layered with the bass synth for even more power and it responds to aftertouch!).
There is a fully programmable 7 note polyphonic analog synth with VC LPF and resonance and it has three presets, and a 7 note polyphonic analog string synth ( actually these are the same synths which can be layered without losing polyphony but the string synth is a preset player with three preset sounds. The three string presets are almost the same sounds playing one octave higher than each other).
The aftertouch can control filter, filter modulation and vibrato at the same time. The Synth surprisingly has got no pitch bender and that is the only downside of the huge beast.
Organ plays on both manuals. Mono synth usually plays at upper keyboard (can also double bass synth at the bottom keyboard) ,poly synth, string synth and bass plays at the bottom keyboard only. The sounds that play on the same keyboard can be layered without losing polyphony. What a beast!
It has got ensemble and tremolo effects with speed variation control seperately on both keyboards and detune effect for the poly synth..
Seperate audio outputs for each sound and an on board sound mixer .

It is a very rare instrument. Very playable with lovely key action and gigable in its own hardcase. Has no MIDI but has got CV and trigger IN/OUT. Also a leslie cabinet connector.
Thank you Yamaha for creating such a beauty.

(Thanks to m for this info.)

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