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Phil Howard writes:
Wonderful little box for the money. Great acoustic and analog sounds. Easily warpable with pitch shift, decay, gate, etc if you want something different. A lot of drum machines focus on clean, quiet, pristine sounds. This one sounds loud. Some really harsh kicks and snares to supply a lot of energy. A lot of good 808 like sounds. Not enough 909... could use that harsh, bright 909 hat. Still... it's a great box for industrial, house, hard techno, anything with energy. The sequencer is easy to use.. Only 50 user patterns but each of those consists of six sections of up to 16 bars each. Took one afternoon to learn it and get a song in it. Easy to learn. The pads are velocity sensitive so I don't groove quantize but it's in there. Nice reverb... delays could use a little work. The melodic bass section is really only good for scratchpad work. The upright bass is fairly nice, though. Summary: looks cheap, sounds great, easy to groove on, wide variety of sounds. I give it full marks.

Comments About the Sounds:
Both realistic and synthetic sounds are well represnted. Solid kicks, sharp snares, hats are fine but there's not much variety to them.

(Thanks to Phil Howard for this info.)

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