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A. Payne writes:
By no means the newest piece of technology, but a monster for gritty 12-Bit sounds. Dark and powerful with a excellent hi-hat and some sleazy percussion (I mean that in a good way). The snares are vaguely reminiscent of a TR707, and the kicks, in their gated glory, win me over every time. Better yet, the user interface, while about as advanced as your average pocket calculator, is a pleasure. If that Gothic 80's drum sound is your desire, this machine is your ticket.

Comments About the Sounds:
Dark sounding drums but very powerful

(Thanks to A. Payne for this info.)
and Dave Washburn for the pic

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Yamaha Manual Library You'll need to register and get a username and password, but once you do you can go in, search for RX8 and it's right there in PDF format. Download and you're ready to go.

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