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zazz writes:
I have nothing but praise for this machine...the heart of my midi setup. It supplys drums and keboards when needed but also makes a great midi recorder and editor with a very easy to use interface.In fact its the ease of use and the large display that make it a real pleasure to use......I looked at the qy70 but with the small display ect I would not want to use it everyday and that is the difference between a real tool or an expensive paperweight even if it comes at half the price. My usefull output shot through the roof after I bought it. It really needs a midi control keyboard to fully use the internal sounds since the on board keyboard is handy but not responsive. My only gripe is that I wish it had more midi inputs/outputs and prehaps more audio outputs so as I could treat a snare with an external effect or keep the keyboards seperate from the drums ect..but this is not too bad since it is already controlling a drum machine ,sampler ,sound module and the internal sounds are for song composition and sound backup only...other than that its perfect for me.

Comments About the Sounds:
They are ok but my Alesis qsr is better

(Thanks to zazz for this info.)

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